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Dell SSD 2.5" / 480GB / SATA / RI / 6Gb / 512 / Hot-Plug / in 3.5" Hybrid Carrier / 14G Rx40 Dell 480 GB, SSD interface SATA

Dell SSD 2.5" / 480GB / SATA / RI / 6Gb / 512 / Hot-Plug / in 3.5" Hybrid Carrier / 14G Rx40 Dell 480 GB, SSD interface SATA
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Dell SSD 2.5" / 480GB / SATA / RI / 6Gb / 512 / Hot-Plug / in 3.5" Hybrid Carrier / 14G Rx40 Dell 480 GB, SSD interface SATA
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Kodas: CT1000T700SSD5

Prekės ženklas: Crucial

SSD|CRUCIAL|T700|1TB|M.2|PCIe Gen5|NVMe|TLC|Write speed 9500 MBytes/sec|Read speed 11700 MBytes/sec|TBW 600 TB|CT1000T700SSD5

Crucial T700 1TB PCIe Gen5 NVMe M.2 SSD with heatsink Crucial T700 Pro Series NVMe SSD Catch us if you can Introducing the fastest Gen5 SSD on the planet Working in close collaboration with controller, CPU and motherboard vendors, Crucial is the only brand whose parent company, Micron, innovated the 232-layer TLC NAND3 inside the T700 Gen5 SSD....

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Kodas: WDS480G3G0B

Prekės ženklas: Western Digital

SSD|WESTERN DIGITAL|Green|480GB|M.2|SATA 3.0|Read speed 545 MBytes/sec|1.5mm|MTBF 1000000 hours|WDS480G3G0B

WD Green™ SATA SSD Improved Performance for Everyday Computing Enhance your system with a WD Green™ SATA solid state drive and help improve the performance of your laptop or desktop computer for your daily computing needs. SLC (single-level cell) caching technology helps boost write performance to browse the web, play your favorite casual...

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Kodas: P210S1TB25

Prekės ženklas: PATRIOT

SSD|PATRIOT|P210|1TB|SATA 3.0|Write speed 430 MBytes/sec|Read speed 520 MBytes/sec|2,5"|TBW 480 TB|P210S1TB25

P210S1TB25 Patriot's next generation 2.5" SATA III, P210 SSD, is designed with the latest SATA 3 controller.. This cost-effective solid-state drive is great for condensing more data into a smaller space, providing you with the technology to easily store everything you need. Patriot’s P210 improves your system's performance with more...

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Kodas: SSD-C800AS128G

Prekės ženklas: DAHUA

SSD|DAHUA|DHI-SSD-C800A|128GB|SATA 3.0|TLC|Write speed 460 MBytes/sec|Read speed 550 MBytes/sec|2,5"|MTBF 1500000 hours|SSD-C800

DHI-SSD-C800A series adopts high-quality 3D wafer level chip and high-performance controller. It is consumer-grade solid state drive designed for personal desktops and notebooks. The product can process data efficiently and ensure quick start-ups. In multi-tasking it can ensure high speed and stability. DHI-SSD-C800A series is standard 2.5" consumer-grade...

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Kodas: MZ-77E4T0B/EU

Prekės ženklas: Samsung

SSD|SAMSUNG|870 EVO|4TB|SATA|SATA 3.0|MLC|Write speed 530 MBytes/sec|Read speed 560 MBytes/sec|2,5"|MTBF 1500000 hours|MZ-77E4T0

870 EVO 4TB 2.5" SATA III Client SSD for Business The perfect choice for creators, IT pros and everyday business users, the latest 870 EVO SSD provides indisputable performance, reliability, and compatibility advantages. It features a 5-year limited warranty and low lag 6th-generation V-NAND and steady performance when multi-tasking. Add 870 EVO to...

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