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Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W
  • Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W
  • Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W
  • Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W
  • Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W
  • Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W

Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W

Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W
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Deepcool DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU (on +12V : 648W ) W, 700 W
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*80PLUS BRONZE*Double Layer EMI Filter*Flat Modular Cable System*Intelligent 140mm LED Fan*CircuitShield OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP, OTP *Compliant Multi-Way SLI / CrossFire Multi-Core CPUs.
36 mėn.
Neto svoris
1.50 kg
Bruto svoris
1.999 kg
Packing quantity
1.00 dalių
Volume (m3)
0.00 m
Tare weight (kg)
0.499 kg
Gross depth (mm)
200.00 mm
Gross width (mm)
150.00 mm
Gross height (mm)
70.00 mm
440 g
Embeeded battery
WEEE tax
Gamintojo prekės serija
DA series 80 PLUS BRONZE Efficiency up to 87% PSU
Plastic (No PET)
59 g
Matmenys (P x G x A)
150 x 140 x 86 mm mm
Vardinė galia
700 W
MB 20+4 Pin x 1CPU12V 4+4 Pin x 1PCI-e 6+2 Pin x 4SATA x 64Pin Peripheral x 34Pin Floppy x 1
Kintamosios srovės įvesties įtampa
100-240V (Auto Range) V
Gaminio kodo pavadinimas
150 x 140 x 86 mm cm
150 x 140 x 86 mm cm
150 x 140 x 86 mm cm
(on +12V : 648W ) W
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